Understanding Dental Plans and Dental Costs

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Tax season is here, it is a great time to look over our expenses and review our previous year.
One thing to consider this new year is making sure you use your dental benefits wisely. A lot of us are uninformed about how our dental plans actually work. That is why we made this blog posting to help you understand how most Dental Insurances work.
Dental Plans and Dental Costs

Understanding Dental Plans and Dental Costs

Some main points to consider:

Dental insurances are NOT like medical insurances.
*  That means you may have to pay a portion to get your dental treatment done.

So how do dental plans work?

– Most dental plans have  an amount to be used yearly for many different dental procedures.
– Frequently, this amount varies between $750-$2500.
– Some dental plans will also have a yearly deductible. They can vary between $25-$300.
– Dental plans rarely pay for all dental procedures 100%.
– There is a contract between you and your dental plan. We don’t have access to this full contract. Therefore, you should know and understand what your dental benefits are and how much it may cost you to have dental treatments done.
Maybe you’ve never read this contract, therefore you may be uninformed about all of this.
That is why our business team takes their time doing a basic research of your dental benefits. Their goal is to print an estimate of what your costs may be and help you maximize your benefits. Their estimation is based on your dental plan’s basic coverage description, normally available online or by fax.
This helps our patients know their estimated portion before having the treatment done. Our estimates are correct most of the time. They aren’t always perfect because when we contact your dental plan, your lovely dental insurance representatives are always kind enough to inform us that NOTHING is 100% guaranteed until claims are received and processed.
This is why we recommend you call them if you have any questions about your financial consultations with us. We will be happy to provide you with a breakdown of the costs to help you speak with your dental insurance company.
If you don’t have a dental appointment scheduled or you are a new patient, call us at 617-764-3440 to schedule a visit or e-mail somervilleinfo@greathilldental.com.
Don’t wait till the end of the year, schedule a visit as early in the year as possible. Some dental plans renew in July, so you could be losing benefits if you wait too long.
We hope you find this information helpful!