Somerville High School's Career Fair 1

Today, Great Hill Dental Partners Somerville was an exhibitor at Somerville High School’s Career Fair. We were invited by Business Teacher Michele Harney. According to her, the goal for the fair is to provide our students with the very best career, training, and educational opportunities in our area as they formulate their post-secondary plans. Last year, Somerville High School’s Career Fair had over 50 local exhibitors represented and over 300 juniors/seniors in attendance. This year they had 77 exhibitors, it was a fun and engaging event. Our special thanks to Rosa Carrasquillo and Dr. John Brangan for their support!

The Somerville High School has a very well-respected dental assisting program. Rosa Carrasquillo, who is herself a teacher at a similar dental assisting program in Danvers, had the opportunity to see the classes and met the teachers. She was able to share information with the students about careers in the dental field and educational requirements.
Dr. Brangan had an opportunity to speak with the school’s principal and teachers about internships opportunities at Great Hill Dental Partners. Each faculty member received a special offer from us, as a thank you for all their great work in the community. We were honored to be part of this great project and already confirmed our presence next year!

It was a fun morning!

Somerville High School's Career Fair 2

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