Root Canal Awareness Week, March 27 – April 2, 2016

Root Canal Awareness Week is a great time to raise awareness of endodontists, so that patients and general dentists know to contact a specialist when root canal treatment is needed. (source:

This is also a great time to remind patients of the important role endodontists play in dental health, and how much root canals have evolved over the years. Root canals are a great painless option for treating problems with the tissue inside the tooth. According to the AAE :”When this tissue or the tissue surrounding the tooth root is diseased or damaged due to decay or trauma, endodontic treatment typically can save the tooth”.

In Somerville, our Endodontist Dr. Aliyah Shivji performs root canals 2 days a week: Mondays and Thursdays.

According to the AAE, the Common Endodontic Symptoms are:

  • prolonged dental sensitivity to heat or cold;
  • tenderness of teeth to touch and chewing; or
  • facial or oral swelling.

If you experience any of these symptoms give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shivji. Click Here to know more about Root Canals and Importance of an Endodontist.