Outstanding Responses Achieved From Our Smiles For Life Event Last Week

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We have some great news at our Somerville office.

In the past months, we have added two outstanding new hygienists to our office. Liz and Hannah are both graduates from the prestigious Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene/MCPHS University. Liz was also nominated as Employee of the month for April! Everyone, including our patients have great things to say about her.
New Hygienists


We also have some great highlights from our Smiles for Life Event last Thursday 06/09 and Monday 06/13.
We’ve had 15 patients come in to donate and get their whitening kits! This was an outstanding response and we have to thank our team, especially our dental assistants for working extra hard to make this happen!
Until the end of June we are still taking donations and providing teeth whitening kits!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Spring/Summer!
Whitening Event Highlights