Our Somerville Yelp & Google reviews from satisfied patients

star>Rome Q. – 3/27/2018

I visited Great Hill Dental with my children (10 and 2). Their visit was with Dr. Thaker. She was great!!! Dr. Thaker was patience and very thorough with each of their exams. Her feedback and advice about the children’s daily routine has been helpful. We thank you, Dr. Thaker and Great Hill Dental of Somerville.


starEva S. – 2/28/2018

Awesome place! I have recommended this office to our friends, especially the ones that have children. Dr. Thaker is amazing and so patient with our very active two years old. She was singing children’s songs to him during the visit and made the experience very pleasant. After the visit, our son asked when are we going to the dentist again.


starKathryn R. – 1/25/2018

The entire staff at the office was very welcoming and warm when I arrived. Dr. Okwerekwu was nice and professional and took the time to explain everything to me carefully. He even took extra photos of my teeth and showed them to me so I could understand exactly what he was talking about. He provided advice about my plan moving forward. I will definitely be coming back!


starBrianna B. – 1/17/2018

Dr. Brangan is awesome, he’s quick and friendly. Highly recommend anyone at Great Hill Dental.


starKasey E. – 1/12/2018

Had a great first appointment this morning. The hygienist was very kind and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I was in and out WITH X-RAYS in an hour. Will definitely keep coming!


starJosh P. – 12/8/2017

Very good experience and friendly staff. Was in and out in time and with my questions well answered.


starJane S. – 12/7/2017

Fast, same day appointment. I was impressed with how thorough my check up and cleaning were and how clearly treatment and home care were explained by the helpful staff. Highly recommended.


star Xiaobianlu X. – 11/29/2017

Awesome place! I’m usually nervous about dental cleaning, but this practice made it a pleasant experience. Caring doctor and staff; super friendly front desk! Doing consulting when necessary, but I wasn’t felt pushed to do any extra at all (as other places usually do). Will recommend to friends!
star Albert A. – 11/9/2017

Dr. Peter was very thorough and kind in his approach to care. He took time to explain everything being done and discussed ways to prevent further complications in the future. Additionally, front desk staff were extremely kind and helpful in navigating copays, insurance deductibles, and more. I would recommend coming here for dental care.


starEmily B. – 10/7/2017

Dr. Peter Okwerekwu was wonderful, and eased my anxiety about the dental issues I needed to be addressed. The hygienist, Macy was also very kind and helpful!


star Los B. – 10/7/2017

First time patient and I had a wonderful experience. The hygienist Ellina Oliveira made sure I felt comfortable and provided an excellent cleaning. Highly recommend Great Hill Dental!!

starRyan D.– 9/8/2017

I’ve been coming to Great Hill Dental for a couple of years now and they have helped me fix multiple issues with my gums, wisdom teeth, general health, and orthodontics. Dr. Bahadoran, Goodman, and Farmer, as well as the whole team, have all been amazing. They always answer all of my questions promptly and informatively. Office is flawless as well and all the staff are extremely nice. Will definitely be coming here for years to come as I continue my orthodontic treatments and general oral health.

starPesha M. – 8/25/2017

Dr Brangan is the best! He is so kind and gentle and everyone that works there is always nice to me. It’s a great step up from the usual dentists who are the reasons why so many people avoid dental work. I still have more dental work to do and I can’t wait to see the finishing product!!!

star Camille D. – 9/5/2017

Went in for the first time – They make an effort to make sure you feel comfortable. Great experience overall!

star Leidy D. – 6/15/2017

Great people and service. Bianca and Emily always offer me the best service, very kind and helpful.!!
Highly recommend it.!! :-))

star Kevin D. – 6/15/2017

They were great—super professional, told me all about the gym issues I was dealing with, and came up with a detailed explanation and plan of action for how to fix it.

star Christopher C. – 5/11/2017

I had a great experience here on my first visit this week. Great staff who did a nice job of explaining everything they were doing and whatever concerns they had. Will definitely be returning!.

star Emily E.– 5/11/2017

My cleaning was easy and pain free and the doctor and hygienist explained all necessary work in a clear manner! Would definitely recommend for people scared of the dentist.

star Loe L. – 4/10/2017

Very professional and polite. It had been too long since visiting a dentist and Great Hill was a great choice to get a full exam. I definitely plan to continue coming here.

star Katie M. – 3/20/2017

I normally don’t write reviews, but this office is exceptional.I had a good amount of work that needed to be done and was extremely anxious about it. Everyone was so kind and and reassuring and made me feel really comfortable.
I’ve seen Dr. Michalowski a number of times now – he is always meticulous and careful not to cause me any pain (which is difficult because I am a HUGE baby). I’ve also seen Dr. Shivji and Dr. Goodman and had equally wonderful experiences. All of the dental assistants and everyone at the front desk is helpful and friendly.
All in all, highly recommended!

star Taylor M. – 2/21/2017

Was my first time seeing a dentist in a while, they were concise and careful. Took the time to do a really through cleaning and go over my options moving forward. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

star Alain S. – 2/21/2017

Was my first time seeing a dentist in a while, they were concise and careful. Took the time to do a really through cleaning and go over my options moving forward. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

starCecile W. – 1/31/2017

My children and I have been coming to have our dental care here even before it was Great Hill, when these dentists were a part of Harvard Pilgrim. Dr. Michalowsky has helped us for twenty years. He is caring and capable. We don’t want any dentist but him! But there are other practitioners here who we look forward to seeing–Inessa for good, thorough, professional cleanings, as well as Rosa, who assists Dr. Michalowsky, and Dr. Goodman, for periodontal issues. I just had a periodontal procedure done and am have decided to write this review, so I guess you can tell it went well! I find the office administration to be friendly and able–we never have issues with insurance payments, making appointments, confirmations, and understanding our bills. Coffee, TV tuned to news, fresh flowers in reception.

star Gianna R. – 1/24/2017

Great and professional environment right in the heart of Davis Sq. Al at the front desk is extremely helpful in explaining costs and insurance options and he makes the process very easy! Would definitely recommend this location.

star Brittany M. – 12/1/2016

I would recommend this office to absolutely anyone who is looking for a dentist. Michelle at the front desk is courteous and friendly and Dr. Epstein is fantastic. I had two fillings done today with absolutely no discomfort. In addition, I was out in less than 40 minutes. I love this place!

star Rachel B. – 11/4/2016

Great Hill dental knows how to take care of their customers. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. I recommend those who are afraid of the dentist to come to this location. I’ve had my procedures explained to me in detail which would make me feel at ease.

star Jessica L. – 11/2/2016

I’m terrified of being in pain especially getting work done with anything in my mouth but this place I recommend to anyone who is terrified of the dentist! The first day I walked in they made me feel so comfortable. They were super patient with me, extremely understanding with my fear and such great, helpful people including the staff at the desk. Michelle is ALWAYS nice and super helpful, it definitely makes me comfortable walking into the dentist. Dr. Brangan was super understanding, so calm, he has never hurt me once!!!… I’m very sensitive and he’s so patient and friendly… I can go on and on about this place. I’m so happy I found Great Hill Dental and I can’t imagine going to any other place!!!! Thank you!

star Shan w. – 10/23/2016

I found this place for myself and my husband when we moved to Davis Square almost two years ago and needed a new dentist close to where we lived. We have both had good experiences here – easy, convenient, good care, friendly staff. I get regular cleanings and always have fantastic service, and they always tell me to keep up the good work on my teeth. My husband has a few more issues with his teeth, and so he’s been prescribed a deep cleaning program and more frequent visits. The doctors are good about answering his questions, and we definitely see a difference in his teeth and gums. The only reason these guys aren’t 5 stars is that the costs weren’t always clear. There are no issues with regular stuff that insurance covers (like cleanings for me), but for my husband’s deep cleaning program, there were significant out of pocket costs that insurance didn’t cover. It would have been nice to have had a proactive, up front conversation about the costs, and what insurance would or wouldn’t cover. Maybe we would have elected not to get some of the optional things on the program, like a portable water flosser for $60. Overall though, we are very happy with these guys!

star Mary Kate Q. – 10/4/2016

“This is my first official Yelp review and I have chosen to write it for Great Hill Dental because they truly deserve a publicly glowing review.
I am honestly petrified of going to the dentist so much so that I avoided it for many years of my adult life. When I finally needed to see a dentist, and then immediately undergo a root canal, I was crippled with anxiety and did not even know how to find a new dentist.
GHD not only saw me as a new patient the morning that I called but accommodated my urgent needs for care and within under 2 hours I was out of pain and actually in a good mood… at a dentist office… I didn’t know that was possible!
long story short, great care and customer service, I plan to recommend them to my friends and family and now the yelp community
If you are afraid of the dentist and are looking for dental care in a comforting and professional environment, definitely check them out”

star Eli A. – 9/7/2016

Friendly staff, excellent service. Healthy teeth! Would recommend.

star Rosemary M. – 9/7/2016

Great Hill Dental is a wonderful practice for our family. The staff are very responsive and extremely helpful. My kids come to the practice and they have a wonderful pediatric practice. The kid comes first and they walk them thru everything that is going on and my kids always feel very comfortable. I have been coming her for years and have had the same dentist and hygienist, great for continuity and service. Am always recommending this practice to my friends.

star Bob S. – 8/17/2016

My Dr. Michalowski and Rosa are great! I’ve had some ongoing work done for a while and my visits are always quick and painless. Great location as well.

star Angela L. – 7/22/2016

I had a great experience here. They were really thorough and gave great tips throughout the whole cleaning.

star Lauren R. – 7/21/2016

Wonderful appointment with Dr. Michalowski and Inessa. My teeth have never felt cleaner. I was seen right at my appointment time and their exam was very thorough. Highly recommend if you are in the market for a new dentist.

star John B. – 4/27/2016

“I have been seeing Dr. Michalowski and Inessa for several years now and have a great smile to show for it. Every six months I have my teeth cleaned by Infra and it is a very pleasant experience. She is nice, funny, and very professional. I enjoy all of my visits and look forward to coming back.
Recently I dislocated a tooth and had the pleasure of multiple visits to have it set, checked, and bleached. Dr. Michalowski did the bulk of the work and did a wonderful job. You’d never know I had damaged my tooth.
I highly recommend Great Hill Dental and these professionals in particular.”

star Natalia E. – 3/30/2016

Inessa, my dental hygienist, is supreme. I’ve been going to her for countless years (I’ve even followed her from one office to the other.) She’s always been kind and professional, and I have never had a problem with her! I would positively recommend her.

star Paul S. – 3/10/2016

“I’m a fairly new patient (6 months) but have required multiple visits in the short time. Scheduling has been easy and I’ve never waited more than a few minutes for my appointments which start right on time. The staff is very friendly and professional and the office is always clean. I’ve had issues with my gums bleeding for years, and previous dentists have instructed me just to floss deeper. Finally I found a solution with Great Hill Dental – an aggressive cleaning plan and take-home treatment. In 4 months the problem is basically gone and my gums are healthy again. Insurance only covered half, so it was still expensive. But the process was easy and KIM was great during every visit. She showed me tissue samples under the microscope so I could see the same progress she was seeing – no magic behind the curtain. I felt that was extremely respectful, and I felt more like a valued customer than just a “”patient””.
Great Hill also uses online registration (simple) for new patients, and seems to have an efficient front desk process. I was greeted by first name (and a smile) on my last appointment when I walked in a few minutes late, and was taken in right away. No bumping down the list or eye rolls. It’s nice to know that a few minutes can be accommodated without ruining their whole schedule.”


star Shanti O.2/23/2016

Great Hill Dental has given me an amazing experience. All of the employees from the front desk staff to the dental assistants to the dentists are friendly. I have to get my fillings replaced and Dr. Richard Michalowski showed me through every step of the process what he was seeing and educated me on what was happening with my teeth. That was the most pleasant dentist experience I’ve had.


star Rae C.. 4/20/2015

I am writing to recommend Dr. Richard Michalowski and his assistant Rosa! I have stayed with this dental practice for nearly 5 years, even returning to them after a change in health care insurance prohibited me from going for a brief period of time. Additionally, I still continue to schedule with them after moving across the city, as I appreciate their warm bedside manner and personal interactions with their patients!
~Rae C.


star Kevin J.12/9/2014

Dr Michalowski and Rosa Carrasquillo fixed my teeth again! Came in with a hypocalcified spot, left with a near veneer shine and surface. Great job


star Sy M. 10/29/2014

I give this place 5 stars thanks to my new dentist Dr. Sana Ahmed. She did a superb job explaining to me what sort of dental work I needed. She patiently showed me my X-rays and would stop during teeth cleanings to show me what my deeper teeth looked like with the help of a mirror. Her bedside manners were great.


star Kevin J.9/10/2014

Dr. Goodman totally nailed my tissue graft. I went in nervous, but when I left, I felt very reassured. Second day so far, and I am pain free. He did a really good job.
Everyone here is very professional and friendly. Free coffee and other goodies too. They’ve always given me a quote before doing anything, and have been easy to work with in regards to payments.


star Erik F.7/1/2014

Everyone is just super-nice here, from the doc himself to the hygenists to the front office staff. Weirdly enough, I actively look forward to my appointments here.


star Kaella C.6/3/2014

After not having been to the dentist out of fear for 15 years, I decided that it was finally time to take charge of my dental health and booked an appointment with Dr. Brangen. My first appointment was for a cleaning and a brief consult with Dr. Brangen himself. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Fernanda who is one of the best office managers I have encountered anywhere. She is kind, patient, caring, and efficient. Inessa soon came and whisked me away to a room in the back of the office overlooking the Somerville area. I explained to her that I had extreme anxieties concerning dental care and she was quick to alleviate my stresses. I got comfortable in my chair, laid back, and let Inessa go to work. She was so calming that I almost fell asleep during my cleaning! X-Rays were a piece of cake as well. Inessa showed me everything and explained what I was seeing so that I could understand.
Upon meeting Dr. Brangen, he was very calm and kind as well. I had some cavities that needed filling so we scheduled a follow up appointment for a few weeks out. Upon having said fillings, I was told that one was deeper than anticipated and that the tooth would likely have to come out. Since it was a wisdom tooth, a root canal was not necessary as I needed to make room in my mouth anyway. However, when the filling became infected, the tooth needed to go sooner than later. Dr. Brangen made sure that I had both antibiotics and pain medication to hold me over until the extraction could happen at the referred oral surgery center (see my review). You can really tell that he cares about his patients.
The entire team is just wonderful. They really go out of their way to make sure that you understand each and every thing that is going on, including monetary aspects of the service. My experience at Great Hill Dental in Davis has abolished every fear I had of dental work. I can’t stop recommending them!


star F. J.4/2/2014

I started going to Great Hill Dental for my son. He gets great care from Dr. Thaker and I was impressed with their expertise. I decided to try them for myself due to some botched dental work I had received somewhere else. Dr. Michalowski is my dentist, and he was an excellent choice. He and his assistant Rosa Carrasquillo did a wonderful job treating my teeth and giving me accurate information throughout the process. I came with a LOT of work needing to be done. He was precise, professional, and really thorough. Rosa was very kind and efficient and together they repaired the damage. It was tough for me to go through the entire process, but they made it as pleasant as possible. I absolutely trust their work. Dr. Michalowski did an exceptional job. The entire office was very friendly, welcoming and efficient. As often as I was there, they made me feel at home. I’m glad we are receiving our services at Great Hill Dental, and I wish I knew about them sooner! Their help was much appreciated!


star Michael Z.2/9/2014

I was treated exquisitely by my dental hygienist, Inessa. I had many cavities (I’m embarrassed to write the number), but during this time, Inessa was very knowledgeable and helpful. While she was cleaning my teeth, I felt very comfortable. She left a great impression on me and my mouth. In fact, I’m returning this week for my follow-up! (Also, great kudos to Doctor Michalowski and Rosa for helping with my cavities. I know how difficult it must have been!) Many thumbs up to the doctors and hygienists at this practice.


star Maggi B.11/1/2013

Dr. Michalowski is such a wonderful dentist. He is thoughtful, gentle, and genuinely interested in the well-being and comfort of his patients. He was gracious about the fact that I hadn’t been to see a dentist in ages.
I had a filling done and was dreading the Novocain shot because it always hurt so much when other dentists administered it but Dr. Michalowski was so skilled, it didn’t hurt at all. Amazing!
The front desk staff are friendly and helpful, and the hygienist I saw was great, too. The facility is sparkling clean and modern.
Highly recommended.


star Cristina R.7/31/2013

Visiting the dentist is rarely fun, but Great Hill Dental makes the experience as comfortable as possible. They are very conveniently located in Davis Square and have morning appointments available, so I can go before work and easily catch the T.
During my cleaning, the dentist discovered that I had a cavity (my first! oh no!), so I was a bit nervous and curious about the process. He explained in detail what causes cavities and the procedure for filling them in order to make me as comfortable and prepared as possible. I was then booked for an appointment 2 weeks later, and the procedure was pretty painless (although being numb for a few hours is never a pleasant experience. Don’t make the mistake I did of skipping breakfast beforehand.. you won’t be able to eat for a while afterward!).
The only complaint I have about this is that he didn’t provide me with a quote for the filling, so it ended up being more expensive than I expected. However, my friend who had a filling done by another doctor there did get a quote (which was signiifcantly cheaper than mine for some reason), so this doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. Overall, the staff I’ve met are very friendly and professional, and the reception area has free chapstick and a Keurig machine! I have already recommended them to others and will continue going back.


star Lauren P.5/13/2013

I absolutely love my dentist (and hygienist)! This dental practice used to be part of the Harvard Vanguard group along the ground floor, but they moved to their own suite on the 4th floor.
The new office space is really beautiful and inviting. They put out free coffee in the waiting room (interesting choice for a dentist’s office), and everything is new new new. My hygienist (kind of sad I can never catch her name) has a wonderful bedside manner. She’s never hurt me, and is very gentle while cleaning. I like her a lot.
Dr. Michalowski is my dentist, and he is AWESOME. When your teeth are good, he just comes in for a quick assessment, but he did my previous cavity filling himself. He is really the best dentist I’ve ever had.
Even if I were to move away from the Somerville area, I would keep coming here. It’s been about 4 years so far, and I don’t plan to find a new practice!


starKay Medeiros4/4/2017

ok I’ll try and keep this short and sweet… I’m a new patient. I was extremely nervous, I knew I needed a lot of work done and was worried about pain and cost… Ill start by saying the office and patient rooms are extremely clean. The young ladies at the front were extremely nice and helpful. I was greeted by an assistant I believe her name was Flora. She was very kind and gentle while taking my ex rays. She made me feel comfortable during my visit. I then met Dr. Michalowski, who was extremely nice. He went over every tooth with me and provided me with a mirror, so he can show me as he explained everything. He explained everything so well it was like I was taking a class lol. He addressed all my questions and then performed my cleaning. He was gentle and caring throughout the whole process. The administration team then went over my treatment plan and insurance coverage and out of pocket cost. It was the best dental experience I personally ever had. Trust me I have had some pretty bad experiences. So much for short and sweet. Hope this was helpful… To the Great Hill Dental Staff Thank you 😊

starIsabel Pinto-Franco3/9/2017

Dr. Mahshid Bahadoran is wonderful, always very caring and competent! My son was also very lucky to have Bianca, the medical assistant, she was able to answer any questions and her calm nature was priceless. Thank you!

starJenny Jing2/27/2017

I only have positive remarks for this facility and Dr. Bahadoran. I had a complicated case that required a coordinated effort from an oral surgeon at MGH and I was very impressed and touched that Dr. Bahadoran cared so much to call him, text me and coordinate the best route of care. Even after moving to Canada, I still made trips to come back to see her because I just didn’t trust anyone else to do the job. I just got my braces off and I couldn’t be happier with the results; she had to clean up someone else’s mess and I ended up having to wear braces twice. I felt very self conscious about it (I’m 25), but I was surprised by how compassionate Dr. Bahadoran was and how she listened to my needs, thoughts and questions and answered all of them with honestly and informative facts. If you’re looking for an orthodontist, look no further.

starDerek Petersen2/17/2017

Very friendly and knowledgeable service.

starErin Ellingwood1/31/2017

I genuinely love going here for dental appointments. The front desk staff are super friendly and helpful, the waiting area has free coffee/tea/hot cocoa from a Keurig, and the professional staff are excellent. I’ve been seeing the same dental hygienist for five years now, and my visits with Inessa are like catching up with a friend. They also do email and text appointment confirmations and reminders, which I really appreciate.

starmichael bjork 1/19/2017

Very kind and welcoming….walked in as a new patient and got a cleaning an hour later. Explained my whole treatment plan to me and broke everything down for me with my insurance, including a print out of everything covered etc. Was very helpful and left with a new mug and water bottle as a welcoming gift
starChris K1/12/2017

This was my first time at this office and my experience was wonderful. I would definitely recommend this office to others. The staff was very friendly and that is very important for me.
starAaron Vienneau12/30/2016

Great hygienist and dentist. Very friendly and gentle.
starNath Samaratunga12/21/2016

This was my first time at this practice as I am a student from out of state. I found that the staff was really friendly and it was so easy to go between this practice and the one I have at home. It was easy to find, and the online system made the process quite efficient. Would come back again.
starPosh N JaZZY12/17/2016

I have visited 3 dental offices. The first one in malden was much cheaper but the service was horrible, I knew that it would not suit me. I decided to come to Great hill because its close to me. The service was amazing the ortho DR. was able to answer all my questions and reassured that me of all my concerns. The office is beautiful, clean, peaceful, easy to navigate, and the front desk staff is so pleasant and helpful. Parking is easy, you come up to the 4th floor and your ready to go. I also decided to make them my permanent provider. I am looking forward to working with them to correct my overbite and grinding of my teeth. This office is really great and being in Davis square means you can use public transport to her here !
starAltaira Smith11/8/2016

Everyone is very friendly and professional, from the front office staff to the doctors. The office is very clean and presentable.
starbrian goss11/8/2016

Very professsional and passionate about my teeth! The staff always answered my questions regarding filling options. They send you a text message reminder for your appointments as well, which is convenient.

starR W10/21/2016

Dr. Bahadoran has provided great service to my kids. Other staff members are also very friendly.

starLaura Connolly10/5/2016

They are always there to help and ease any anxiety you have about the dentist. Dr. Michalowski is by far the best dentist. He listens and is always willing to do what ever he can to help.

starAriana Guy10/4/2016

I HAD the best experience from all that were encountered today, more specifically Gina, Michelle and Dr. Hickin! They were all such a pleasure and made the process comfortable, smooth, effortless and pain free.

starRob Culp9/7/2016

Highly recommend this dentist if you live in the Somerville area. The staff was very helpful and considerate. The procedure was explained well and my options of treatment were laid out so I could make an informed decision.

starNick Binder9/7/2016

Staff was helpful and happy, made for an easy visit. Coming back for surgery soon, and not stressing about it. Highly recommend

starKellee Terkla8/19/2016

The staff here is my absolute favorite! Al and Michelle are always at the desk with big smiles and are super supportive and have all of the answers to my questions. I often need extensive dental work and I wholeheartedly trust my dentist and his team to do it right the first time. I always enjoy my visits and feel like a valued member of the team. I recommend this office and my dentist, Dr. Michalowski, to EVERYONE!

starRichard Pinheiro8/18/2016

So my kids have been going to Great Hill dental in Somerville for years now and they’ve never had a problem . Front area staff are excellent and remember our names which to me is a plus and the doctors and assistants do an excellent job .

starMichelle Bondar7/27/2016

Dr. Michalowski and Melat were absolutely wonderful! Melat did a great job with my teeth cleaning and answered all of my questions and concerns. Dr. Michalowski thoroughly explained the procedures I needed to undergo and was compassionate and highly informative throughout the process. I highly recommend this dental office, and both Dr. Michalowski and Melat.

star Shirley Wang7/23/2016

Out of all of the many many dental offices in Somerville, Great Hill is one of the best. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating – one of my fillings fell out and they were able to get me in the same day. Dr. Epstein- who went to Tufts and is therefore in the know – did an excellent job and is also an excellent explainer, for those who usually don’t often even know what’s going on in their mouths. Thanks!!


star Michelle Moore5/14/2016

I highly recommend Great Hill Dental Partners because the doctors and staff are awesome! I am so pleased with the orthodontic care my 15 year old daughter is receiving from Dr. Bahadoran and her staff. Dr. Bahadoran cares about her patients and takes the time to explain each procedure. You never feel rushed. She is a perfectionist and makes sure you are happy with the results. Another reason I appreciate Great Hill Dental Partners is because they don’t try to upsell unnecessary treatments to make an extra profit. They disclose all available treatment options and price points. I’m impressed with the quality of care and I think you will be too.


star Deyonne Bryant5/14/2016

The doctors and the staff in the practice are top-notch. They care about their work and are personable. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Goodman for about 4 or 5 years now. He’s smart, and I trust his recommendations. The same is true of Dr. Bahadoran, the new orthodontist. Love my new smile. Thanks to Drs Goodman, Brangan, and Bahadoran, Bianca, Melat, Bianca, Selene. And Al for the friendly front-office welcome.


star Alice Chan4/13/2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Michalowski’s for eleven years and he is the best dentist I have ever had. He is patient, very detailed and explains everything he will be doing. His fillings are beautifully done and crowns fit perfectly. He always takes his time in making adjustments, if needed. His assistant, Rosie is wonderful. She is always making sure that I am comfortable. All the dental hygienists are fantastic. My most recent cleaning was with Barbara and she did a terrific job. I highly recommend this dental practice.


star Peter E.3/31/2016

When I arrived at the dental office, it was extremely clean. During the short wait for my brilliant hygienist, they had free coffee and tea available. With my cleaning, Inessa was thorough and gave really good advice about maintenance and upkeep. I have went to her several times, and each time, it was a really professional and knowledgeable experience. She does a great job. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!


star Alex Velho3/31/2016

My sister hates the dentist, she is 13 but she cries when she sees the appointment card on the refrigerator ! It’s that bad! She saw Dr. Thaker and did all her dental work without panicking. She said she would go back to see her because she was gentle and it didn’t hurt as much. Dr. Thaker seems serious at first but you can tell she knows what she is doing. We are just happy to find an office she likes.


star Will bayego3/15/2016

Dr Goodman Dr. Goodman has been my doctor for more than 18 yrs. He is a God send as far as I am concerned. He cares, and he is good at his job. He always treats his patients with respect. He is very honest person. I can not express my gratitude well enough. When in his care , he makes you comfortable. He always goes an extra mile for his patients. Dhespina B


star Jason Figueiredo2/16/2016

From the knowledgable staff to the hygienists to the doctors and assistants themselves you’ll receive a quality experience every step of the way. The facility is bright and clean and the entire process for me has always been efficient and on time every time. Dr. Michalowski and his assistant have given me extremely confident services over the last few years and has taught me that taking care of my dental hygiene is as important to my health as physical fitness is. I would recommend this facility the their services to anyone not just family and loved ones. Use Great Hill Dental Partners and be confident you’ll receive a superior quality of care.


star Moriah Freeman3 weeks ago

I’ve been seeing Dr. Michalowski at Great Hill Dental for about 25 years. My experience has been completely positive for that entire time. All the staff have been very professional and I feel that I am receiving exceptional care. Melat, my hygienist, is very thorough and has made many helpful suggestions over the years. That’s one of the things I like most – there is little turnover in the dentistry staff so I have been able to build good relationships with each one. Dr. Michalowski is careful to make sure I am comfortable during procedures, explains what his happening and what to expect, does excellent follow-up and is, in general, my idea of a model dentist. His assistant, Rosa, is welcoming and interested in making my experience as positive as possible. They work together smoothly and expertly. I highly recommend this practice.


star Megan Black5 months ago

Great interaction with the staff, hygienists, and dentist. I recommend them after just one visit


star Leah Blanchard5 months ago

Had a great experience this morning with Dr. John Brangan!


star Matthew Romero 7 months ago

Always do great work!


star Shawn Faherty8 months ago

The most professional, fast, clean and friendly practice I’ve ever been to. (Now 42)


star Nathan Campoli10 months ago

I have been a patient for several years and have had the best dental care. Melat is my hygienist and she is always very thorough. The reminders to keep up with flossing has helped me to do a better job between visits. Dr. Michalowski is my dentist and he filled a chipped tooth about a year ago, answering all my questions and did a great job. The tooth feels just like any other tooth in my mouth and have had no problems


star James Kirk10 months ago

Over the past year, I’ve gone to Great Hill for cleanings, fillings (Dr Michalowski and Rosa), extraction of my wisdom teeth (Dr Wilkes), and orthodontia (Dr Doshi). I received a very high quality of service and professionalism at every visit, and all of the work they’ve done went very smoothly. I would highly recommend this office for any dental service.


star Ben Norton11 months ago

I recently moved out of my parent’s house and, due to the change in location, had to switch many things in my life. Many of these were people, such as my doctor, barber, etc…that I had been seeing since I was a kid. However, the one thing I absolutely refused to switch is Great Hill Dental in Somerville. The main reason I decided to stay with Great Hill is simple; they care about their customers. As an HR professional I would love to get some tips from their hiring managers as all of their staff is extremely professional and friendly. The mood at the Front Desk is inviting and puts me at ease as I am quickly ushered into their lovely, clean facility which sports some great views of Somerville. The dental assistants are awesome (especially Rosa C.) and Melat, my hygienist, is meticulous in her job and always takes the greatest care not to cause me any pain while cleaning my teeth. Dr. Michalowski is a fantastic dentist and always has a joyful demeanor. All in all, this is a fantastic place and I look forward to coming here for years to come!


star Robert Eskina year ago

I’ve gone to this practice, and specifically Dr. Michaelowski, for about 10 years now, since they were still part of Harvard Vanguard – he is an excellent dentist (and a nice guy), and while I have seen a number of different hygienists, they have all done an excellent job. They do currently have one problem, however. When they had to leave Harvard Vanguard, they failed to make an arrangement with the building to allow for their patients to park in the building garage. While there is also a municipal lot next to them which is supposedly reasonably priced and should be adequate, the City of Somerville does an AWFUL job – the meters are often broken, and their signs contradict each other as to whether they accept various forms of payment. The only part of the system that seems to work is their ability to generate parking tickets, thus adding $30+ to the cost of your visit. The practice needs to either make an arrangement with the building or get the municipality to shape up, and then to notify their patient base (perhaps on-line) of the resolution. Without one of those, serious questions are raised regarding future use of the practice despite its good dentistry.


star Morgan Cassella year ago

Had such a wonderful first experience at Great Hill Dental this morning! The office atmosphere was incredibly welcoming, and the staff were really professional and friendly. I walked in apprehensive, walked out happy! Dr. Doshi was very patient and asnwered all of my questions about straightening my teeth. I recommend it without reservation.


star Rimi Chakrabortya year ago

Really love the personal experience here. I always see the same woman who does an excellent job cleaning my teeth (Melat is her name, she’s awesome!). I feel like they genuinely care about the health of my teeth and gums and always have good advice. It’s as good as going to the dentist could possibly get;-)


star Beth Fullera year ago

I am seriously dental phobic – going to the dentist is second only to jumping out of an airplane and speaking in public is a close third! I avoided the dentist for over 10 years – until a tooth broke and I had to face up to my fear and make that call. I chose this practice because I had last seen Dr. Brangan when another tooth broke (yes – I only go for catastrophes!). However – this latest experience was so wonderfully calming that I will reform my ways and go regularly. The receptionist was just wonderful, assuaging my fears, giving me an appointment with hygienist Melat Assefa – whom she promised was gentle, thorough, soothing – and she was all that, plus professional (she has a master’s in dental hygiene!). Ms. Assefa has the gentlest touch I’ve ever experienced and made me feel completely at ease in that scary chair with the lovely view out the window (4th floor – don’t even think of jumping out…) and classical music. She carefully explained each step, cleaned my teeth – my! what a great feeling! – and set me up for another appointment in six months. I am actually looking forward to returning! And I will be seeing Dr. Brangan again for tooth repair, but am not afraid. The office has a wonderful clean look, there are windows in nearly every treatment room, the doors are always open, and there is a very good vibe about this practice. I am very happy to have found them, and will be a faithful flosser and regular customer.


star Sam Alemayheu, LICSW a year ago

I had a fantastic visit and the practitioner who looked after me, Melat@Great Hill Dental Somerville, was very caring and professional. I used to hate going for dental treatment my experience at Great Hill and Melat changed my perception. After my visit I booked my next appointment right away……you guys are great…Thanks Melat


star Nancy Langea year ago

I have had a great experience for many years with the dentists, hygienists, and staff here. All my care is in one place and I have found each dentist supports the work of the others for my benefit. For example, I need to get some crowns replaced but I also needed a periodontal procedure . In order to make best use of my insurance we took care of one thing first and will address the other in January. After that procedure I got a call from the doctor asking how I was doing. I get texts (my choice) to remind me of appointments with the link to confirm the appointment imbedded. Others have mentioned the clean, neat, up to date office that is right next to the Davis Sq T stop. I still can’t say I love going to the dentist but of all the dental care I have had, these folks are the best.


star Benyamin Lichtenstein a year ago

Fantastic. The dentists are wonderful, with kids and adults. Teeth cleaning is certainly the best I’ve had – thorough, comfortable, highly competent. Staff is pleasant and easy to work with. All terrifc.


star Coelin Scibetta a year ago

I just switched to Great Hill about a year ago. Each time I go in, the staff is friendly and accommodating. My hygienist remembers who I am and does a fantastic job during my cleaning. I am very happy, that Great Hill is close to my home just a few minutes walk from my home.


star Theresa Lorriman a year ago

I have been going to Great Hill Dental for several years and am very happy with them. The staff is very professional, competent, and friendly. The office is clean and well-organized.


star Elise Kineke a year ago

Flor is an excellent hygienist and a kind and caring person. Aksi, very gentle.


star Evan Hutker a year ago

I had 2 fillings done a few months ago. They have held up perfectly and feel natural. Dr. Michalowski and Rosa Carrasquillo were efficient, professional, and explained everything they were doing. I highly recommend them.


star Janice Dallas a year ago

I’m always happy with my dental hygenist, Mieat, and my dentist, Dr. Michalowski. They are very caring people. I’ve been seeing this dentist since about 2000 – before It was Great Hill Dental Partners.


star SMa Ma year ago

I give this place 5 stars thanks to my new dentist Dr. Sana Ahmed. She did a superb job explaining to me what sort of dental work I needed. She patiently showed me my X-rays and would stop during teeth cleanings to show me what my deeper teeth looked like with the help of a mirror. Her bedside manners were great. 5 stars.


star Susan Goocha year ago
Fantastic experience! The staff is friendly and professional. Very punctual, wait time to see the dentist or hygienist has never been more than a few moments. My experienced with Dr. Michalowski was extremely pleasing ~ he made me feel at-ease during the procedure. He was every thorough and makes you his priority during your visit. I had extensive work done and it was painless. I highly recommend Dr. Michalowski and the team at Great Hill Dental Partners in Somerville MA


star Valeria Beltrea year ago

I would recommend Great Hill Dental to anyone. It is a very clean faculty, and they have a very professional and friendly staff members. I’ve had some work done by Dr. Michalowski, and I had a wonderful experience. He described the process and made sure I was fine with the procedure before proceeding. I love the way the staff treat their patients; in every visit Rosa and Virginia make me feel comfortable and welcome


star Selam Mengeshaa year ago

What a place to have your dental care. I have been coming at Great Hill in Somerville for the last few years and never been disappointed. Melat Asefa, you are a professional to be depend on and you alway make my visit easy and comfortable. I will be a customer for years to come. Recently my husband had his first visit and he also had a fabulous experience too. Keep the nice work guys Selam


star Willie Beltrea year ago

Great Hill Dental Partners has been proving their professionalism in every appointment I’ve had. A very well organized and sophisticated clinic. Although to drive there takes me about 45 mins, I believe it’s worth doing. Thanks for your good service!


star Maggi Berwind-Darta year ago

A wonderful practice, for both adults and children. Beautiful, clean facility, and friendly staff. I see Dr. Michalowski, and my toddler sees Dr. Thaker. Both are great! Highly recommended for the whole family.