GHD Somerville in Top 2 Donators of Smiles for Life Fundraiser

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Hello! We have some great news!
July has been an outstanding month so far for our Somerville office. We are so happy to say that our Smiles for Life fundraiser was a big success. For the first year participating, Great Hill Dental Partner’s donations were among the top 2 in the nation!
Congratulations to all of our other locations for the outstanding results. Our Somerville office raised $8,147.00. We are so happy this will serve to help kids in other parts of the world and in our own community. 50% of this donation will go to the Somerville Homeless Coalition and we are so happy to support this great local charity.
To encourage 100 patients to donate, Dr. Brangan agreed to dress as the tooth fairy and give Dr. Michalowski a pie in the face. We’ve had over 150 patients donate, so this HAPPENED! Dr. Brangan dressed as the tooth fairy and Dr. Michalowski received a pie in the face. However, to make this even more “grand” our CFO Roger agreed to join the “pie in the face” movement,  if we were among the top 3 in the country in donations. I’ve included some pictures of the before the pie in the face, and will soon release a post with the actual video!
Thank you to all of our patients who made this possible by donating.