Cheers to the Huge Success of Smiles for Life Campaign

 In Great Hill Dental Somerville News

The Somerville Team at Great Hill Dental Partners LLC are beyond grateful for every smile whitened…every dollar raised…and every pie-in-the-face! Thank you for an awesome Smiles for Life year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Over 2016 summer for a donation starting at $50.00, we were able to help patients whiten their teeth and help a child and family in need, 50% of all the donations went to the Somerville homeless coalition and the other 50% was donated to smiles for life. We kept 0% of the donations.

The Somerville Homeless Coalition is a safety net for homeless and hungry families and children in Somerville and the greater Boston area. Your generous donation helps to provide food and shelter for those in immediate need, case management for those working to regain or maintain permanent housing, and resources, referrals and other services to help prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

Smiles for life was originally developed in 2005 by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Group on Oral Health to promote oral health.

For more information, please see the links below for the Somerville homeless coaliation and smiles for life: