August News

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We are so happy to announce that our hygienist Kim had her second baby Lukas!
Lukas is an 8.5lbs happy and healthy baby! Congrats Kim!
Lukas Kim's baby
We want to wish Happy Birthday to Emily and Dr. Thaker! Their Birthdays was in August and we had a good time celebrating with them.
In August we also welcomed Dan and Tamires to our Business Team! Their training process has gone so well and we are very happy to have them in our team! Keep it up GUYS!
New to Business and Dental Team New to Business and Dental Teams
Karina Oliveira also joined our Dental Hygiene team. Karina will be working on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays.  She is very pleasant and has received a lot of compliments from her patients, Go Karina! Get more exciting news at our facebook page.